The theory of democracy states that the people are the ones in charge and elected government officials are subordinate to them. I firmly hold this theory to be true. From the President, to Members of Congress, to the local school board members, it is important that they be responsive to the people, and work diligently to ensure the political rights of all, and safeguard a fair election process.
At the core of our government stands the unalienable rights guaranteed to every man. I promise to protect the freedoms and liberties of every citizen and promote and preserve the civil, human, and constitutional rights of all regardless of their identified gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and socio-economic background.
As a lifelong educator, I am a strong supporter of our public school system. After all, children are our future. To invest in education is to invest in the future of our society and our every existence. I strongly believe that government should and must adequately fund out public schools system and to reimagine public education. We must also give our students the support they need, from counseling to mental health, so that they graduate an enlightened member of our society.
Not every one must attend college. Our economy desperately needs qualified nurses, welders, and plumbers in our workforce. That’s why I strongly believe in providing robust post-secondary options such as CTECH and vocational schools so that we can build the next generation workforce.
I believe in sound fiscal policies aimed at achieving economic growth, conservation of our resources, and full employment.  I support workers’ rights, fair trade, job protection, prevailing wage, efforts to prevent the outsourcing of jobs overseas, and to job creation throughout all of Minnesota. We must once again tap into American innovation and ingenuity to create the next generation of technologies that is unimaginable today. That groundwork begins now with us.
I believe in making healthcare affordable and accessible for all Americans.  The Affordable Care Act, and exchanges like MNsure, were a good start, but I also realize the need for continual adjustment and will support looking at options that includes public insurance and private healthcare to help make it stronger and stop the increasing costs.  People should have a right for the opportunity to be self-sufficient, healthy, and safe.  We need to provide necessary funding of programs that ensure those basic needs.
My wife and I would never personally choose to have an abortion, but it does not mean I do not think the option should not be available and accessible. Crisis and emergency situations are unpredictable and thus, it must be available. Government should also provide an avenue for people who need birth control. All of these are personal and private issues. It is not a legislator’s place to dictate what others can and cannot do.
The family farm is the cornerstone of our society and must be preserved. I believe in increasing local government control in order for rural governments to thrive.  I also will promote local and logical farming production practices as well as fair agricultural trade (to keep the competition for Minnesota fair).
I will work to ensure that all Americans have the ability to a financially secure retirement, and that senior citizens have the access to proper and affordable care to stay healthy and live a happy life.
I believe it is extremely vital to protect our environment for us and for our posterity.  Climate change is significant national security threat and I will always fight for soil conservation, clean air, and safe drinking water. After all we should leave our world better than we found it.
Climate change and pursing clean, renewable energy with create thousands of jobs in our district. That is why I will pursue policy that help Minnesotan businesses develop and compete with China for the renewable energy market. I believe we need to promote safe and sustainable alternative energy research and development, as well as expanding the use of sources that do not consume massive amounts of fossil fuel, that are widely available, and environment friendly (solar, geothermal, wind, water, and biomass energy).  I also support incentives to modernize current energy systems and promote safer alternative-energy businesses.
I strongly advocate for the needs of law enforcement and emergency services, such as firefighters, EMTs, and the military.  I will endorse sensible policies for public safety that protect everyone and support resource-saving measures, such as low or interest free loans for local emergency services equipment. I am not anti-gun at all, but I do believe we need to figure out how to protect responsible gun owners’ rights and get guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. I would also like to see increased funding, programs, and services such as those that buy back guns, helps to further educate people about guns, and to help people who are struggling with depression and/or mental illness.  My goal would be to work with ‘open-minded people from both sides’ who are willing to sit down and figure out this sensitive issue to make our schools, businesses, churches, parks, and events safe.
I honor and respect the men and women who have, or currently are, serving our country.  I will advocate for their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.  I will ensure that our military has the best support, training, and equipment to meet all their needs and the threats that will endanger our great nation.


I believe in a smart 10-20 year funding program that invests in our overall infrastructure, which includes roads and bridges, yet also allows the rural areas to get their fair share of funding for repairs in order to get caught up with urban areas.
I also believe we must bring broadband technology to cover all rural areas of Minnesota. We did it with electricity and telephone, why not access to unlimited information?